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Looking for Some Fun in Opelika-Auburn?
by Mary Coleman

     f you are looking for some fun in the Opelika-Auburn area there are plenty of attractions to keep you entertained. Visit downtown Opelika - home of the active and award-winning Opelika Arts Association, a recent recipient of the eighth-annual Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Award. Or shop the quaint historic district for antiques, explore its museums, and learn about the city's heritage. Tour one of the several historical homes, or enjoy a day of family fun at the area's popular water park, Surfside Water Park. Surfside features a 450,000- gallon wave pool. Toomer's Corner is another famous attraction of the area.The main intersection of Auburn and Auburn University where Auburn fans and friends gather to celebrate everything from athletic victories to the New Year. Look for the orange tiger paw painted in front of Toomers Drugs. Opelika has many historic attractions to choose from. The Depot was built about 1920 and recently restored to its original style and houses the offices of the Opelika Arts Association and Opelika Main street.