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Searching For A Great Place To Eat?
by Kyle Bridges

       uburn and Opelika's dining is very diverse. Of course they both provide you with the staple fast food joint and the Applebee's and Chili's chain variety but it is often their little gems that generate the most diners. If you are interested in the mid-grade variety, a place you might want to consider is Niffer's. This great place is one of the most famous places to eat in Auburn and is reasonably priced. At Niffer's you will find your general categories of chicken sandwich and deli-style sandwiches but their wings are what keeps people coming back. The finer dining of the Auburn / Opelika area is also packed with great places to dine. In Auburn you can find restaurants such as Amsterdam's, Hamilton's, and Auburn City Limits. Opelika has their fair share of beautiful places to dine including the Warehouse Bistro. A personal favorite is Café 123. With this fine dining be prepared for an onslaught of pampering by their highly trained and qualified staff and a perfectly prepared meal. Whatever your preference, fine dining or mid-grade, you cannot go wrong with one of these restaurants that are so special to the Opelika-Auburn area.