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The War Eagle Supper Club  

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Searching For A Place to Hang Out?
by Kyle Bridges

     n Auburn you will find several different types of night-life. You can go to a restaurant and bar such as Auburn 's famous Niffer's, or you can do things such as play pool, but the activity you will find with the highest attendance are the bars. The bars mostly cater to Auburn University's students. When you visit Auburn you will find the lively downtown area which inludes Bodega, Bourbon Street, Quixotes, and the new Skybar cafe. All of these bars have stages and live performances. The most famous, though, would be the War Eagle Supper Club. This bar is over 25 years old and has two stages for performers. This bar is one of the premier bars in Auburn because it is a private “club” which means you have to pay a membership fee which students gladly pay for the extra two hours of nightlife you get. Opelika's nightlife is slightly different due to the fact it is not aimed at the college students. You see a more relaxed environment. There is usually ample seating and Opelika's bars are definitely quieter. A highly reputed place to attend is Eighth and Rail. This bar has more of a jazz club feel to it and has no problem getting patronag